supplierquality  manual

Supplier Quality Manual

Our supplier portal helps us connect with suppliers and facilitates efficient information exchange. The relationships we forge with our suppliers are key to our ability to meet customer needs.

We maintain our standards of quality and reliability, by embracing the philosophy of continuous improvement and working with credible suppliers.

Our Supplier Quality Assurance Department evaluates suppliers’ ability to consistently manufacture products that meet the desired requirements and specifications. This includes on-site evaluation, part performance evaluation, and surveys. Source inspections are conducted at the supplier’s plant by either by us or designated representative.

Our Supplier Quality Manual ensures that suppliers comply with the regulations stated in AMMROC’s Purchase Orders and the commercial and military standards (e.g. FAA, ISO 9001:2000, AS 9100). These practices ensure that the delivered material meets or exceeds the required quality levels. The requirements are based on a defect prevention system, that improves quality, lowers cost, and increases productivity.

Please fill out the contact us form to access our supplier portal.

supplier      evaluation questionnaire

Supplier Evaluation

If you are registering with AMMROC to supply parts or products related to aircraft, please complete the Supplier Evaluation Questionnaire.

Please contact us to register with us.

supplier quality        questionnaire

Supplier Quality

If you are applying to register with AMMROC to supply parts or products, please complete the Supplier Quality Questionnaire.

non-product and temporary approval

Non Product and Temporary

If you are a supplier who is providing services and parts that are unrelated to aircraft, please complete the Supplier Survey Document.