Aircraft crash damage repair services

We execute major and minor modifications and upgrades for a variety of fixed-and rotary-wing aircraft. These are tailored to customer requirements with qualified solutions such as:

  • Avionics modernisation programs, hardware and software upgrades, and installation
  • C-130 avionics suite upgrades and glass cockpit installation that are designed to extend the life of aircraft
  • Routine modifications and updates from service bulletins and TCTOs
  • Integration of upgrades during periodic depot maintenance (PDM)
  • Complex modifications and upgrades such as Black Hawk weaponisation
  • Structural life extensions, minor design modifications
  • Crash damage repair and aircraft battle damage repair (ABDR) in the field

We achieve  this with 

aircraft battle damage repair services
  • Dedicated engineering teams who develop customer-focused solutions
  • Customised modifications that draw on our long-term OEM relationships
  • Partnerships with certified solution providers to meet service bulletin and airworthiness directives